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Cloud Based Point of Sale &
Retail Management Software

Streamline your retail operations with our powerful Wholesale and Retail Management Software. From inventory optimization to seamless sales transactions, our solution empowers your business with data-driven insights and efficient management tools. Elevate your customer experiences and drive growth with our user-friendly software. Unlock the potential of your retail business today!

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Purchase Management

Problem Statement: Procurement and purchase management in wholesale and retail businesses can be complex and time-consuming. Tracking supplier information, managing purchase orders, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining optimal inventory levels are often challenging tasks.

Solution: Our Purchase Module of Wholesale and Retail Management Software for small business offers a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimize the procurement and purchase processes within retail businesses.


Purchase Order Voucher

Purchase Invoice Voucher


Purchase Return Voucher


(Account, Date, Item, Invoice, Officer & User wise)

(Account, Date, Item, Invoice, Officer, User & PO wise)
(Account wise, Date wise, City wise, Area wise)
(Account, Date, Item, Invoice, Officer & User wise)
(Account, Date, Item, Invoice, Officer & User wise)
(Account, Date, Item, Invoice, Officer & User wise)
// Software Modules & FEATURES

Sales Management

Problem Statement: Managing sales processes in a retail environment is a complex endeavor. Retailers often face challenges in efficiently handling point-of-sale transactions, tracking inventory in real-time, managing customer interactions, and analyzing sales data.

Solution: Our Sales Module of Wholesale and Retail Management Software for small business offers a comprehensive solution to streamline and enhance the sales processes within retail businesses. With advanced features, seamless integration, and data-driven insights, our module transforms the way retailers manage their sales operations.


Customer Definition

Sale Order Voucher

Credit Sale Voucher

Sale Return Voucher

Cash Sale Voucher


// Software Modules & FEATURES

Inventory Management

Problem Statement: Inventory management is a critical challenge for wholesale and retail businesses. Balancing the right amount of stock to meet customer demands while minimizing carrying costs can be complex.

Solution: Our Inventory Module of Wholesale and Retail Management Software for small business provides a comprehensive solution to optimize and streamline inventory management processes for wholesale businesses.


Chart of Item Definition

Warehouse Definition

Opening Stock Voucher

Stock Adjustment Voucher

Stock Navigation / Transfer Voucher


Assemble /De Assemble Voucher


// Software Modules & FEATURES

Accounts Management

Problem Statement: Wholesale and Retail businesses often struggle to manage their financial transactions and accounting processes effectively. The accounts management module within Wholesale and Retail Management Software for small business is essential for keeping track of sales, expenses, profits, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. 

Solution: Introducing our advanced Accounts Management Module within Wholesale and Retail Management Software for small business. This module is designed to seamlessly integrate financial management into the broader retail workflow, offering a holistic solution to the challenges faced by wholesale businesses.


General Accounts Definition

Other Income Definition

Cash & Banks Definition

Expense Definition

Opening Balance Definition

Cash Payment Voucher

Bank Payment Voucher

Bank Receipt Voucher

Cheque Payment Voucher

Debit Note

Credit Note

Journal Entry Voucher




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Frequently Askes Questions (FAQs)

Cloud-based POS and retail management software for small business is a system that allows businesses to manage sales, inventory, and other retail operations using software hosted in the cloud, rather than on local servers.

Advantages include accessibility from anywhere, automatic updates, scalability, reduced hardware costs, and enhanced data security.

Cloud-based POS systems are hosted on remote servers and accessed via the internet, while traditional systems are installed and run on local hardware. Cloud-based systems offer more flexibility and easier remote management.

Features include inventory management, sales reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), employee management, e-commerce integration, and support for multiple payment methods.

Yes, our cloud-based POS systems offer mobile apps or browser-based interfaces, allowing you to use tablets or smartphones as point-of-sale terminals.

Yes, our cloud-based system is often scalable, allowing you to add new locations or users as your business grows without significant infrastructure changes.

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